Child’s skin allergy resolved with simple test

Jan-5th-2011-053Kaleb was a normal healthy active 4 year old boy, except for his eczema. All he really wanted was to go to swimming lessons like his brothers, sisters and his friends. The condition of his skin was not going to allow this to happen.

When mum bought Kaleb for a consultation she related how she had tried with gluten free diets, cut out dairy products for a while but nothing had seemed to help improve Kaleb’s skin condition. She did not really have a full understanding of how the elimination process of foods really works.

After discussion about general health, pregnancy and birthing details, diet history and iridology photos, it was evident that the skin condition was indeed caused by some food allergen.

Kaleb was a big brave boy, motivated by his wanting to learn to swim, so we were able to do the finger prick blood test to enable allergy testing to be done. The results were available in under one hour.

We discovered it was an egg allergy that was causing all the problems. By eliminating this food from the diet, and doing some other nutritional support to help heal the skin, Kaleb’s skin quickly healed.

Kaleb now is enjoying learning to swim with his friends.

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