Massage improves life for 70 year old

Senior woman having a massage

Mrs N is a 70 year old caring for her husband who is wheelchair bound.

She presented after a right knee replacement surgery and had some nerve palsy in the right leg resulting in foot drop. She had finished intensive physiotherapy and was wearing a leg splint to assist with her mobility and was now doing gentle exercise classes for seniors. She still felt her mobility was not as good as it needed to be, if she had to continue to care for her husband.

She was referred to me by a friend who suggested massage may be of some benefit.

After initial range of movement and strength assessment, we commenced regular massage sessions. Her hamstrings and gluteal muscles were particularly tight, creating limitations in her gait and movement. Her shoulders and back were also tight, no doubt due to her role as a carer and her general stress levels.

We continued to work over a period of weeks to assist with stress, relaxation and strength and her mobility, gait and balance continued to improve. She no longer needed the leg support brace. She now occasionally visits for on going management of general musculoskeletal issues and is independent and active.

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