Glass dropper filled with herbal essence, aromatherapy oil, homeopathic medicine, or other liquid.

Desensitisation involves the use of techniques to minimize the effects of offending allergens on the body. It may be done in several ways. Increasing doses of allergens/ homeopathic or phenolics may be given to allow the body to become more tolerant of the substance long term. Specific homeopathic or phenolic drops suited to your particular condition, may be administered under the tongue over a period of time to strengthen the body’s ability to cope with the offending substance. Other supportive therapies such as digestive support, herbal supplementation or probiotics would also be included in the regime. Given over a period of time, they may permanently cure the intolerant reaction.

At Coastal Health Solutions we also offer another treatment – often known as NAET or Allergetics. This system uses kinesiology and the stimulation of acupressure points on specific areas to strengthen the immune system and promote tolerance to foods or substances that may have been causing symptoms. A series of treatments is required before relief is obtained. Other supportive therapies would also be included to promote and enhance immune system function.

These two systems of desensitization are often combined with good effect. They are NOT suitable for anaphylactic allergy treatments.

Before desensitisation is considered, a full medical and dietary history, allergy testing and detoxification programs would be undertaken with supervision with our Naturopath Jill Meredith. Once your health has improved, then the process of desensitisation may be undertaken. For more information, use or contact page.


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