Food allergy testing

food-detective-in-clinic21Food Detective Allergy testing in Clinic

This is an quick and easy method using a small sample of blood taken from a tiny finger prick. It tests for 57 common foods. It can indicate allergies or intolerances to certain foodstuffs. It identifies these allergies/intolerances by detecting IgG antibodies to offending substances. Results can be obtained within 40 – 50 minutes. It is suitable for all ages, including young children.

Allergy testing via Muscle testing & De-sensitisation

Using muscle testing to determine specific allergies. This technique may also identify certain emotional responses that may be implicated in the allergy process. It then treats the persons allergies by using meridians and acupressure points so that there is a lessening or complete alleviation of symptoms.

Screening test for Coeliac Disease

This involves a blood test to measure the levels of Anti Gliadin Antibodies. This test can often give false negative results, especially if the person has been following a gluten free diet. Bowel biopsy is also done in some cases to confirm diagnosis. Genetic testing can also provide information on your likelihood of developing or being Coeliac.

Skin Prick or Scratch Testing for Allergies

The three main types of skin tests are the scratch test, intradermal test, and the patch test.
Skin testing is performed by applying an extract of an allergen to your skin, scratching or pricking the skin to allow exposure, and then evaluating the skin’s reaction. It may also be done by injecting the allergen under the skin, or by applying it to a patch that is worn on the skin for a specified period of time.

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