Flower essences


What are Flower Essences ?

Flower essences are liquids containing the absorbed essence or electromagnetic pattern of specific flowers.

How Do They Work ?

The flower essences work by using the specific electro magnetic energy contained in each different and unique plant. The energy of the plant is contained in a most pure and strong form in the flower. By infusing or steeping the flowers in spring water in the sun, this energy or vibration is then transferred to the water which becomes the mother tincture of the plant or flower essence.
When the person takes the flower essence, the vibration is then passed on from the flower essence to the patient. It is merely a transference of energy from one form to another.

The energy transferred to the patient can be used for specific states of mind or for maladies that may have their roots in emotional disharmony. The energy works on the negative energy states of the person’s mind, aura or body, giving balance and ease from stress and suffering.


bach2Dr Edward Bach

The development of Flower Essences is credited to Dr Edward Bach, a British homeopath and physician in the 1930’s with a genius for research who worked in immunology and vaccine development.

He became discontented with medicines focus on the unnatural approach, feeling modern medicine was too impersonal and did not take into account an individuals personal traits. He believed the cause of disease was not merely physical, but an imbalance or conflict in the spiritual and mental aspects of the personality, which then caused the body to be sapped of vital energy and power, thereby leading to the development of disease.

In 1930 he left his Harley Street practice & began searching the native countryside for plants and flowers & researching their healing properties. He used himself as part of the experiment to feel & experience the energy of the plant and discovered 38 plant remedies which balance emotions such as fear, loneliness, over concern, shock, grief & terror. Bach saw himself as an instrument of God & Nature.

The Bach Flower centre in England still exists today, making flower essences & treating people successfully. The well known Rescue Remedy is a combination of five of the Bach Flower Essences and is a useful treatment for shock, fear, stage fright, preparing for interviews or exams.

Modern Flower Remedies

20150208_100344Today, there are many different systems of Flower Remedies. In Australia, they are known as Bush Flower Essences or Australian Bush Remedies.

Each different substance or flower vibrates at different frequencies thereby providing different effects. They affect the psychogenic aspects of physical illness, the personality of the person, their outlook and temperament. They work on the mental / spiritual / psychological levels of a person’s psyche.

The type of emotions that may be balanced are things such as

Fear, Loneliness, Despondency & Despair, Uncertainty, Over concern Over sensitivity, Grief, Guilt and Jealousy. They are useful in times of life changes or upheavals or when the human spirit is tired or down. They are even useful for treating animals.


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