Herbal Extracts and Tinctures

The basis of good practice for the herbalist is the herbal dispensary.

In herbal tradition, it is the use of liquid herbal tinctures that are used to blend together in a formula; worked out according to the individuals specific health needs, symptoms and goals of treatment.
A herbal tincture is a highly concentrated form of the crude herb or plant which is usually in an alcohol base, but can sometimes be in a honey or glycerin base, depending upon the herb and the manufacturing process. As herbalists, whilst we acknowledge the active constituents or chemistry of the plant, we also honor the use of the whole plant as having superior value rather than just being the “sum of the parts”. In this way herbalists are somewhat different to the modern pharmacist and drug companies, that isolate and refine the individual chemistry in order to make a medication.

There are many advantages to this form of medicine:

Herbal ingredients

Firstly, the formula or tonic is specific to the individual patient. Certain herbs or classes of herbs will be chosen for their action, specifically for the patient, their symptoms and the quality or severity of their symptoms. For example, two patients may have a cough, but their formulas may have a slightly different list of herbs chosen according to the persons medical history, the type of cough and other factors that may be influencing their health. The dry nervous tickle may be treated with Wild Cherry or Passionflower, whilst the asthmatic may have Euphorbia in the mix, where the person with chronic bronchitis may have Grindelia or White Horehound as a choice.

Herbal Tinctures

Secondly, the liquid herbal tincture is readily absorbed into the body via the gut wall making it readily bio available to the body. Another advantage is that the dose and choice of herbs can be easily modified according to the patients’ needs and their response or change in health circumstance.

Lastly, the herbal formula has a long shelf life so can be stored for later or future use, particularly in the case of cyclical or on going health issues.


Coastal Health Solutions has one of the largest herbal liquid extract dispensaries on the Central Coast. Approximately 200 different plant medicines from Western, Chinese and Indian tradition are available for our herbalist to select to blend your individually tailored formula.

For more information regarding herbal tinctures ring Coastal Health Solutions (02) 4344 2704.


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That yummy tasting herbal mixture made a big improvement to my gut.

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