Brandon – 5 yrs old

stock-photo-9514423-isolated-horse-chestnut-tree-branch-with-leaves-and-flowersBrandon was 5 years old and suffered with anxiety. He had older siblings but there was a big age gap, so he was more like an only child. He had a very active imagination. He hated to be separated from mum and did not cope well with changed routine. He was an over thinker and had a busy mind. Otherwise, he was quite well adjusted socially and communicated well with others. Mum was concerned how he would cope with starting school in the new year.

I prescribed the flower essences, White Chestnut for constant worrying mental thoughts and arguments, Black Eyed Susan for an overactive busy mind and Crowea for unwanted fear.

Brandon attended his pre schooling preparation visits in the November December and seemed to cope well with these preparatory visits to the school. Mum felt he was much calmer and was coping with changes in routine better than before taking the drops. He continued with the Flower Essences drops over the holiday period, and in the February settled in well at the kindergarten.

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