Herbs – Gardening and Healing

Herbs, gardening and healing, three favourite things most dear to my heart!

You can imagine how I felt being at Pindari Herb farm in Longford, Tasmania last month. I spent five full days studying many of the 130 medicinal herbs being grown here and learning more about making various medicines from these most beautiful healing plants.


Herb Gardens at Pindari Herb Farm

This herb farm has been established by pharmacist Ken Atherton, who realised the value of maintaining and keeping the honoured traditions of herbal medicine alive.

In immersing oneself with the plant, the growing conditions and how the plant looks, smells, feels and almost “talks” to you, the aware and educated can determine the best time for harvest and processing of these wonderful healers, God’s gift to humankind.

Jill Meredith, herbalist, manufacturing herbal tinctures

Jill Meredith, herbalist, manufacturing herbal tinctures

I was most fortunate to have two very experienced herbalists who demonstrated and generously shared their collective experiences, both “failures” and successes in how to make tinctures, oxymels, creams and balms. The other participants in the course were also avid healers and gardeners, so we were able to share many stories and experiences with the growing and using of the plants.

To add to this, our cooks in the kitchen were nutrition students, so we were fed extremely well.

I have come home refreshed with a new perspective on my healing work and how I can help my patients. I am excited to think I can expand my own herbal dispensary by manufacturing my very own medicines.

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