Breast Cancer & Lymphatic Support

Lymphatic FemaleCase Study – Lymphatic Drainage

Mrs T is a 50 year old woman who is currently on longer term chemotherapy following a lumpectomy in the left breast and having had first line chemotherapy and radiotherapy approximately 2 years ago.

She was finding that as the day progressed there would be a fluid build-up around the breast area, especially around the nipple area and the lateral chest wall.  This was causing pain and discomfort.  She often had fluid accumulate in the feet, ankles and lower legs too.

Initial assessment showed that under garments (bra) was ill fitting poorly supportive and too tight. Manual lymphatic drainage treatment was given.   Skin care and general information regarding lymphedema was given and a treatment schedule arranged.   A  self-care regime using lymphatic drainage techniques was explained and homework care was started.

After the first treatment, Mrs T noticed a huge difference in the fluid build-up and discomfort in the breast.  She had also had been fitted for a more suitable bra and was finding things more comfortable during the day.

On subsequent visits the patient education continued with more explanation and training so that Mrs T could give her own lymphatic drainage at home.  Each visit the fluid in the tissues was less and less and Mrs T’s confidence in self-care was improving.

After four visits it was agreed that the improvement was so good that only occasional regular maintenance appointments would be required to maintain good tissue health.

“ Jill’s care and support has been invaluable in helping me to achieve a new level of comfort.  Her ability to teach self-care techniques is wonderful and it now allows me to give myself mini treatments at home every day so I can manage my lymphedema and keep it under control.  Jill’s experience in cancer care and radiation is a bonus, as she fully understands my health history and the treatments that I have had in the past.  I am grateful for her compassion and understanding and recommend her services to anyone with a need for lymphatic support. “


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