Detox and Get Yourself a Healthy Skin Glow

DrySkinBrushingThe largest organ of the body is the skin. In natural medicine, it is often known as the third kidney, – a waste management facility.  Toxins, wastes and fluids can move out through the pores, cleansing the body and helping the skin look healthy. If your body is sluggish, or you have poor dietary habits, constipation, poor circulation or lymphatic congestion, toxins can be trapped in the subcutaneous tissues and deeper organs, contributing to fatigue, muscle aches and pains and other chronic disease and subsequent organ failure. Skin pores can be filled with environmental pollutants, make up or dirt and lead to acne, pimples and blackheads. A detoxification process can assist in restoring healthy skin. Here are a few things to help the process.

Dietary Changes

Cut back on refined sugars and processed carbohydrates. Sugar overload can lead to glycation and cause damage to collagen fibres and elastin in the skin, contributing to wrinkles and ageing process.
Drink at least 2 litres of water daily and more in the summer, if sweating, exercising or in air conditioning. Water makes up 65-70 % of our body tissues and cells, so if we are dehydrated, our eliminatory functions are diminished, our cells cant function efficiently.
Use herbal teas to increase fluid intake and assist in detoxification. Herbs such as nettle, burdock, ginger, calendula and sarsaparilla can assist in cleansing the body by enhancing circulation, and increasing liver, kidney and lymphatic function eliminating toxins via these channels. Green tea is high in anti- oxidants and so assists in minimizing free radical damage.
Choose organic meat, dairy and fruit and vegetables to minimize hormones and chemicals in the diet.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. By alkalinizing the body with these plant based foods it allows for more efficient cellular function. A broad and varied intake of fruits and vegetables ensures different vitamins and minerals and being taken in to the body. Try apples, pears, parsley, almonds and kale you

Skin Brushing For A Glowing Healthy Skin

Use skin brushing to promote lymphatic function, circulation and detoxification. Your skin will look brighter and feel softer.

How To do Skin Brushing

  • Use a dry natural bristle brush on dry skin.
  • Brush in circular motions towards the heart.
  • Start at the soles of your feet and work up each leg.
  • Continue working upwards, including thighs and buttocks.
  • Use counter clockwise direction on your abdomen.
  • Skin brush your back.
  • Repeat skin brushing these areas a few times.
  • Continue onto your hands and work up the arms.
  • Do both arms a few times.
  • Be gentle on your chest and neck, the skin is more sensitive here.
  • Avoid the nipple area.
  • Very gently do your face, or alternatively change the fibre sensitivity/calibre of the brush you are using.
  • Jump into a shower and alternate warm water with cold water.
  • Dead skin cells will be flushed away, the circulation stimulated and you will feel energized and tingling.
  • Gently pat dry your skin and moisturize the skin with coconut or jojoba oil.
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