The Anatomy Behind Iridology

The entire eyeball and its nerve supply is in fact a projection of the brain. It forms as part of the brain and separates as an appendage of the brain during the early developmental stages of the embryo. (Ref Bernard Jensen’s Iridology The Science and Practice in the Healing Arts Vol II.)

As all the nerve endings in the body are ultimately inter-connected to the brain, the eye as an appendage, then records all the nerve induced information to the eye and records it to be seen from outside of the body in the iris. What is revealed in the iris is a reflex condition of what is happening in the body.

This is why the eye has been called “the window of the soul” for it reveals the physiological, psychological and spiritual nature of each person. Not everyone though is consciously aware or trained how to do this. It is important to realise that 85% of everything we learn is through the eye.

The iris is the most complex tissue of the body that interacts with the outside world.  It has hundreds of thousands of nerve endings that are connected to every tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system.  It is equipped with many thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscle and other tissues.  These nerve fibres respond to the tissue and organ conditions of your body by showing up as lesions or marks and colour variations in the iris.

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