Diagnostics through the Iris

image00112What is an Allergy Net?

When I look at the iris, as part of my medical history and assessment of your health, I am looking for various signs and markings in the eye.

One very common sign found among many clients is that of the allergy net.

It is found in the sclera (the white of the eye). It comprises tiny blood vessels, surrounding the iris of the eye, just like a crown of thorns. It may be very marked and obvious, or it may be very fine and light, sometimes completely surrounding the iris, or other times just in a section of the iris/ sclera border. In other cases, there may be an obvious blood vessel parallel to the iris as well as the allergy net. In these cases, there has been a longer standing condition, and the body is trying to wall off the offending toxins or allergens to prevent further damage to tissues and organs within the body.

Where there is a sign of allergy net in the eye, I carefully question my client in relation to their diet, lifestyle and look closely at any symptoms, such as gastro- intestinal discomfort, bloating, irregular bowel patterns, skin problems, acne or rashes, headaches, sinus, catarrh, fatigue or mood swings that may indicate and confirm the presence of possible allergens in the diet or the environment.

It is often wise to follow up will allergy testing. This can be done very simply in the clinic. A small finger prick blood sample is used to test for allergenicity / intolerance to 47 common foods. The results are available within one hour.

Once the offending substance has been identified, dietary advice is provided on special diets that may exclude wheat, egg, gluten or dairy or any other allergen food. It is important to eliminate these foods so the body may detoxify, providing relief from symptoms and a return to health. Often herbs and digestive support such as enzymes and probiotics are prescribed to assist in the body’s detoxification and healing process.

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