Iridology and Inflammation

Silk Iris

Silk Iris

Iridology is just one of the diagnostic tools I use to help identify when and where inflammation may be of a concern in your body.

Acidity and inflammation go hand in hand in the body. This sign can be easily identified in the iris and gives an indication of the potential for or existence of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and gout.

Keep vital and alkaline with a nutritional advice, pH testing, alkaline mineral supplementation and lifestyle guidance.

When I look at the iris, the tendency toward acidity can be determined by the colour of the iris and the iris fibres. In the blue eye, there appears in the iris a whitish or milky overlay or appear it can be an icy blue or white flaring of the iris fibres . It can manifest in the brown eye as a lightening or “yellowish” discoloration.

It indicates over acidity in the body tissues and in the activity of gastric mucosa. There is a weakness of the kidneys, and an inability of the body to deal with uric acid, causing hyperacidity, gout, tophi (build up of uric acid in the joints) arthritic type conditions such as rheumatism and there may be the development of renal or urinary tract stones or urinary infections and dysuria.

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