Your Iridology Consultation

image0014Your qualified iridologist will use a special camera to take photos of your eye which are then displayed on a high resolution video monitor.  The high magnification and clarity of the monitor will allow your iridologist to view your eyes in great detail.  Using detailed iridology charts developed by Dr Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. and other iridology pioneers and iridology experts, the marks in your eyes will begin to reveal specific areas of your body which your naturopath will examine more closely as a part of your diagnosis and natural treatment.

Your diagnosis will reveal your overall body constitution, the current health of your organs and systems, any weaknesses or strengths you have inherited or acquired, past illnesses, injuries or inflammation in your body.  They will provide pointers to where dis- ease may be currently manifesting, even if you have not yet recognised any particular symptoms that may be commonly associated with such an illness or disease.

Your Iridologist / Naturopath will then determine a health plan to assist in health prevention strategies that suit your core constitution or prescribe dietary changes, herbs or nutritional supplements to assist in tissue and organ restoration.

Your iridology consultation with Jill Meredith includes a health information folder that will contain your printed iris photos and individualised health care plan.

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