lymphatic compressed fileI have recently undertaken further intensive studies in lymphatic drainage techniques.  This 4 day training was offered in Australia for the first time by the American Chickly Institute.

It is a very specific and focused lymphatic technique that is useful for the treatment of many conditions, including lymphoedema.  It has been developed by an American doctor, Bruno Chikly who has undertaken years of research into the lymphatic system.

The treatments are very gentle and are suitable for all ages and conditions.

The treatment activates fluid circulation of the lymph and indirectly stimulates other body fluids to clear stagnant fluid in the skin mucosa, muscles,  joints viscera and organs.  This enables toxins to be released from the body.  It can promote tissue regeneration in areas such as scarring, stretch marks or wrinkles.

It stimulates the immune system by increasing lymph flow thereby helping with inflammatory processes, chronic fatigue, auto immune conditions, arthritis, bronchitis, sinusitis, acne eczema and tonsillitis.  It also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, or the calming system of the body, to help with conditions of stress, depression and sleeping disorders.

By alleviating tissue fluid stagnation it can inhibit pain receptors and assist with chronic pain and sporting injuries.  It also helps to reduce muscle spasm in the body.

These tactile therapies if coupled with herbs, nutritional support and sauna (Available in clinic)  have the potential to change and improve health enormously.

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