Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is an adapted form of massage that uses very soft / light stroking techniques and is always mindful of the history and current condition of the person receiving the treatment. Special positioning with cushions, bolsters or the use of our seated massage chair ensures you are in the most comfortable position in order to receive the benefits of this tactile therapy.

There are many scientific studies that show massage has had a beneficial effect on reducing pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, assist with sleep quality and nausea in those who have had chemotherapy or surgery for cancer. This form of massage has also been shown to benefit those with lymphatic problems such as lymphoedema.

Massage can be given safely at all stages of cancer, however, tumour/treatment sites are avoided. Researchers have shown that cancer does not spread or metastasise due to massage – instead it spreads by changes to a cells DNA and other body processes.

Jill has had extensive experience working with people with cancer in her role as a Registered Nurse at a radiation clinic. This gives her a holistic approach that allows you to relax and enjoy your treatment and promote quality of life.

For more information or to make an appointment Contact Coastal Health Solutions >> or phone Jill directly on (02) 4344 2704.

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