A naturopath is a practitioner of natural therapies who provides holistic or whole body healthcare assessment of your health and who uses treatment methods from several traditional systems of medicine. In Australia a naturopath is a person who holds the necessary qualifications to be recognised as such by appropriate registering bodies such as the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, National Herbalist Association of Australia or the Australian Natural Therapist Association.

Naturopathy is a philosophy & science which recognises the innate intelligence and inherent healing ability of the human body. It places great emphasis is on the role of natural substances, healthy practices and preventative strategies to promote health & wellbeing. Therapies and treatments may include, nutrition, homoeopathy, herbs, massage and tactile (touch) therapies, aromatherapy, reflexology, flower remedies, ear candling.


At Coastal Health Solutions we take the time to really listen to you and the reasons you have attended our clinic for a naturopathic consultation whilst undertaking a full health assessment in order to provide an explanation of your illness and treatment options.

As a trained naturopath, herbalist, iridologist, clinical nutritionist and registered nurse, Jill Meredith utilises her experience and training of over 35 years to develop a plan especially for you and your circumstances. Your visit to the naturopath will involve a health plan being tailored to your needs that will assist you in maximising your health and sense of well being. Your natural health plan may include prescribed mineral and vitamins, dietary or herbal supplements, herbal fluid extracts specifically mixed for your requirements, dietary modification, relaxation practises to reduce stress and/or an exercise program. We treat you as an individual and your needs and health plan will be different from another’s. Good health and wellness is the focus of any naturopathic consultation and we will work with you to strengthen your body to promote its natural healing ability. Ongoing support and monitoring ensures success with your treatment regime so that you regain your health and vitality. The illnesses and health problems we most commonly assist clients with include:


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