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EAR PROBLEMS (Swimmer’s Ear, Glue Ear, Tinnitus) & EAR CANDLING

Hear… Hear…. Hear ….

iStock_000040126052The excessive build up of ear wax, impacted plugs and candidia fungus can cause hearing problems, infections and discomfort in the ears. Hearing impairment often creates distress and frustration, which in some children can even have and effect on their learning and speech. It may contribute to vertigo or tinnitus in adults, or may be associated with sinusitis and rhinitis or allergy conditions.

Earache may be caused by infection of the middle ear, or the outer external canal. It may be acute, with severe pain and fever, or it may be a chronic lingering infection, such as candidia or other fungal problem often caused by swimming.

In children it is important to seek medical attention, as a burst ear drum may cause a hearing loss. It is also important not to clean the ear canal with anything pointed, even cotton buds, as the eardrum may be permanently damaged.

An effective home remedy for ear problems, especially infection, can be to use Hypericum (St John’s Wort) oil, a few drops into the ear canal at night. The juice of an onion also has the same anti microbial effect. For ear canals that are filled with hard wax, warmed olive or almond oil can be put into the ear canal at night for 5-7 nights before having an Ear Candling treatment.

Ear-Candling-Equip-1What is Ear Candling

The Hopi Indians of North America have long understood the problems associated with the ears and developed a soft wax tube that they insert in each ear in turn. A heat vacuum is created ,, drawing material from the ear up into the candle, where it is then evaporated in the flame.

Ear Candling provides the ears with deep cleansing , removing wax and debris build up that is difficult to reach. It is non, invasive and gentle and is recommended for both children and adults. It is a painless procedure.

Ear candling is good for – tinnitus, glue ear, swimmers ear, wax build up, sinus problems, water in the ear, promotes clarity of thought, is relaxing and improves circulation to the inner ear. Treatments take approximately one hour and can be booked with Jill Meredith.
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