Menopause Made Easy

Mature businesswoman cooling herself with white paper.

Sharon was an emotional mess.  At 54, she was sleep deprived, moody, weepy and suffering day and night with hot flushes.  She worked at the local high school and knew she could not keep going like this and working with teenage kids !!  Something had to change.

In desperation she came to me for help.  She was peri menopausal and the hormones were all over the place.  In consultation with her GP, blood tests were done and indeed she was menopausal..  Sharon did not want to take HRT to control her symptoms as she had a strong family history of breast cancer.

We did a thorough case history, looking at her cycle, previous health issues, diet and exercise preferences and then decided to use herbal medicines to try to control her menopausal symptoms.  Herbs were prescribed to support the adrenals and to balance hormones.  A liver cleanse was also suggested to help support the body’s natural ability to clear hormones.  By improving the stress response and sleep pattern, her ability to cope with her daily commitments was improved.




After a month of taking the herbs and supplements, Sharon felt she was able to deal with issues in a much better state of emotional calm.  We continued with a program of herbal hormonal support and balance and will monitor her response over the next six to twelve months as she transitions to a new “normal”.

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