Lymphatic Drainage Helps with Spider Bite Symptoms

I was bitten by a spider and was in Gosford Hospital Emergency Dpt on 4 occasions in April 2016.  My leg swelled and I had burning, cramping pain in my right leg for over 5 weeks.  Seven different tablets were prescribed, mainly pain killers, nerve blockers, anti inflammatory drugs, blood thinners and two injections of spider anti- venom.

The pain spread from my outer lower leg, up my leg across my inner thigh and into my back.  I thought I needed a hip replacement but x ray showed no problem there.

No relief after five weeks of waking several times a night in agony.  Hospital doctors ran many tests, but I did not fit any category and was suspected, at one time, of faking my symptoms.  Told to come back in one month if no better.  Mention was made of the pain following my lymphatic system, but no action taken by doctors.  My GP was going to send me for an MRI suspecting bone cancer, which the hospital had already ruled out.  He was mystified by my symptoms too.

I ran Jill and asked about lymphatic drainage.  I hobbled into her office one Friday, armed with all the hospital documentation.   Ninety minutes later, after medical history taken, measurements of my swollen leg and ankle, and a lymphatic drainage treatment, I walked out 95 % better.  I had another treatment a few days later and felt 100 % better.  No pain, swelling had decreased by 5 cms.

The GP was amazed to see me walk into his office to cancer the MRI and has noted on my file that Naturopathic treatment has healed my leg.  I am off all of the tablets, and feel so much better without having to take them

I can’t thank Jill enough for her help, and am happy to verify this statement.

Mrs Patricia Skehan, Empire Bay


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