Lymphatic Self Care After Cancer Treatment

I was seeing Jill for naturopathy prior to having breast cancer.  Following surgery and chemotherapy, I was really concerned about getting lymphedema.  I went to Jill because I knew she had taken training in lymphatic drainage and massage.

While Jill was providing my lymphatic drainage treatment, she was able to relive my anxiety by providing information about lymphedema and giving me instructions on how to treat myself.  This has left me feeling confident that I can take action to prevent lymphedema as far as possible and to recognise any emerging symptoms should they occur.

Gaylene, Registered Nurse, Umina.

Registered Nurse, Umina 

Lymphatic Drainage Helps with Spider Bite Symptoms

I was bitten by a spider and was in Gosford Hospital Emergency Dpt on 4 occasions in April 2016.  My leg swelled and I had burning, cramping pain in my right leg for over 5 weeks.  Seven different tablets were prescribed, mainly pain killers, nerve blockers, anti inflammatory drugs, blood thinners and two injections of spider anti- venom.

The pain spread from my outer lower leg, up my leg across my inner thigh and into my back.  I thought I needed a hip replacement but x ray showed no problem there.

No relief after five weeks of waking several times a night in agony.  Hospital doctors ran many tests, but I did not fit any category and was suspected, at one time, of faking my symptoms.  Told to come back in one month if no better.  Mention was made of the pain following my lymphatic system, but no action taken by doctors.  My GP was going to send me for an MRI suspecting bone cancer, which the hospital had already ruled out.  He was mystified by my symptoms too.

I ran Jill and asked about lymphatic drainage.  I hobbled into her office one Friday, armed with all the hospital documentation.   Ninety minutes later, after medical history taken, measurements of my swollen leg and ankle, and a lymphatic drainage treatment, I walked out 95 % better.  I had another treatment a few days later and felt 100 % better.  No pain, swelling had decreased by 5 cms.

The GP was amazed to see me walk into his office to cancer the MRI and has noted on my file that Naturopathic treatment has healed my leg.  I am off all of the tablets, and feel so much better without having to take them

I can’t thank Jill enough for her help, and am happy to verify this statement.

Mrs Patricia Skehan, Empire Bay


Empire Bay  

Debbie S, Kincumber


When I first went to see Jill, I was consumed with grief and fatigue and also suffering with aches and pains throughout my whole body.

After my first lymphatic drainage treatment, I felt an enormous release in my grief.  Jill taught me how to do some lymphatic drainage daily on myself, which I have been doing and also taking supplements that she prescribed.

I felt my energy level improving each week during the treatment sessions.

Now after six treatments, I feel wonderful.  The aches and pains have disappeared, the grief isn’t so heavy, I have energy and bounce in my step.

I am now ready for my European holiday.  Thanks heaps Jill !!

Esther B, Long Jetty

Hi Jill

I just want to take a moment to say thank you – an extra BIG thank you. You keep me supplied with these fabulous supplements – at a great deal of trouble and at no doubt not a great profit for you. I so appreciate you doing this. My health is improved as a result of your supplements. Thank you.


James, Woy Woy

The herbal sauna really quickly helped me recover my breathing when I had the start of a heavy cold.  Worked great Jill.

Tam, Woy Woy

Hey Jill just want to say how fantastic I feel at present I cant believe how much difference 5 days gluten free can make. Just goes to show Thanks

Janette R

Dear Jill a note of thanks for the “remedies” you always seem to have on hand when I need something.

Its great to have someone who displays such a caring attitude towards their patients.  And on a personal note, you are always bubbly and fun to have around, you make it such a positive experience.

Sandra, Woy Woy

Dear Jill Thanks for the vitamins, Wayne and I are both well.  My skin looks great for the first time in months.  The bloating is much reduced.  Talk to you soon.

Ian – Pearl Beach

I wanted to thank you very much for the herbal mouth wash you made up for me after I had my oral surgery.  As you know, it was quite an ordeal and after four days of using your mouthwash, I could notice a marked improvement.  Even the Oral Surgeon commented on the healing that had occurred since my last visit.  Thanks again for all that you do for me.

J B. – Woy Woy

Jill has been a part of my extended health care team for nearly 10 years now.  As I am diabetic, with complex medical issues,  she is able to support me with natural supplements to assist my health, as well as providing massage therapy to help with my shoulder and back problems.  She also has special training in care of the feet, so I know that she is also keeping an eye on them when I get my treatments.  I know I am in good hands when I come to visit Jill for my consultations.

Oliver H.

Dear Jill,  Thank you for your welcome card – I rather like it here.  Thank you also for looking after my Mummy so I would be such a healthy baby and  very intelligent too.  I am miles ahead of my pals in baby group.  Looking forward to meeting you,  as I have heard so much from Mummy and Daddy.

Susan, Tascot

Dear Jill

Thank you for the time and effort you put into your consultations. I always feel as if I have been to visit an old friend, who knows me so well. I know that I will be just fine now as I have my maintenance mix, Bach flowers and multivitamins to get me back on track. I’m extremely grateful to you for all you have done for me.

Greg, Woy Woy


Thanks for the herbal mixture. As you know I am very careful with what I eat because of being a coeliac and wheat and gluten intolerance. Sometimes something slips my guard and whoops! Well your mixture certainly helps to fix me up quickly and reduces the bloating and pain.

Thank you

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