Sometimes, despite all the preparation you do couples need extra support to conceive or maintain a pregnancy to full term.

An experienced Naturopath will be able to take a full health, medical, diet and menstral / reproductive history and provide a conception plan that may involve both partners and can often make a real difference in conceiving and maintaining your pregnancy to full term.

The embryo pictures here are from an actual client’s records. The first shows a picture of her embryo prior to undertaking a course of detoxification and herbal support whilst the second shows just how much improvement resulted from that treatment in the viability of the embryo. The pictures show how this embryo is so much stronger than the one prior to her naturopath consultation and treatment.

Embryo before Detox

Embryo before Detox

Embryo after Detox

Embryo after Detox

Cyclical difficulties, obesity, polycyctic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis can interfere with healthy ovulation and menstruation. Herbal preparations such as Chaste Tree or Peony and Licorice combination can provide support and help regulate a woman’s cycle. Your Naturopath can tailor make a suitable plan and a herbal formula according to your particular needs and monitor your progress as your cycle comes into a healthier pattern.

A weight loss program may be important aspect of enhancing your fertility. At Coastal Health Solutions, we can monitor your progress via special bio- impedance machine that measures your fat levels, hydration, bone and muscle density rather than just monitor your weight. Dietary changes, alkalinisation of body tissues, and stress management are all important aspects of successful fertilisation and pregnancy.

In undergoing IVF, it is essential that the egg quality is the best it can possibly be, in order for fertilisation and growth to occur. Detoxification, nutritional programs that include supplementation and dietary changes, alkalinisation of the body tissues all ensure your egg quality is the highest it can be.

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That yummy tasting herbal mixture made a big improvement to my gut.

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