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Preparing to welcome a baby is … A life-changing experience, not just through pregnancy and birth…. But for the rest of your lives… My 40 years of health care experience as a Registered Nurse & Naturopath gives me an understanding of the impact nutritional and lifestyle choices can have in influencing fertility, foetal development, the health of the mother and the birth of a healthy, happy baby. Natural health care offers you a healthier pregnancy with less likelihood of discomforts or complications an easier labour and delivery and a vital, joyful transition to parenthood.

Clinic Services:-

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Preconception health assessments and screening – ideally, for both prospective parents, 4 months before planned conception. Includes full health history, iridology assessment, risk screening for toxins. Advice regarding diet, vitamin and mineral supplementation & detoxification programs according to your individual circumstances.

Treatment for Menstrual irregularities & Fertility support – support with menstrual charting, treatment for painful, heavy or irregular periods, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, infertility, low sperm counts, recurrent miscarriage

Natal / Pregnancy care throughout the pregnancy with nutritional support, herbal supplementation as required, counseling and advice, flower essences, massage and body therapies.

Labour preparation, birth plans and support in the last trimester with specific herbs designed to strengthen your ability to deliver naturally, and to withstand stress and fatigue.

Post natal care and advice for you and your new born on all health issues. On going family health care.

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